Become Part of a True Partnership

Not all "independent" or "physician-owned" groups are the same. Partnership at EPT offers full transparency to every partner within our practice. Additionally, our partners are the only owners of our business. EPT is led by a physician President and governed by a physician-only Board of Directors. As we strive to maintain partner equity you'll find that our physician leaders are also clinicians, working on the front lines of health care.

As a partnership, we hope that most physicians who join us plan to spend their career with and retire from EPT. We are looking for individuals who have a long-term interest in partnership and can contribute to the overall quality of our practice.

EPT is a dynamic, stable group with a tremendous variety of practice opportunities. We maintain high standards in all of our endeavors.

Physician Owned

    • Physician partners are the only owners of the group. Partners are all equal owners of EPT.

Physician Governed

    • EPT is governed by a 7-member, competency-based Board of Directors who are all physician members of EPT. The partnership elects Board Members from within the group.

Physician Led

    • The EPT Board of Directors elects a President from the partnership every 3 years. The President makes day-to-day decisions for the group, and ultimately answers to the EPT Board.

Physician Operated

    • The Clinical Council, comprised of each facility medical director and additional physician leaders within EPT, makes the operational decisions that affect clinical care.

Core Values

  • Quality of Shift

    • Shifts vary in length from 8-12 hours, with most shifts being 8 hours in length

    • Double and Triple-covered shifts where needed for volume and acuity

    • Overlapping shifts during peak times

    • Midnight differential

  • Education

    • EPT physicians serve as faculty for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. The residency program is at the heart of the group.

    • EPT provides 24 hours per day of onsite clinical supervision at all of our training sites. Residents are given increasing levels of responsibility and autonomy as they progress through the program, all under faculty supervision.

  • Longevity

    • As tenure with the group increases, partners are offered a gradual reduction in scheduled hours.

    • EPT offers sabbatical programs for physicians and APPs.

  • Transparency

    • Board meetings are open to all physicians. Only meetings with sensitive information (example: Quality and Safety) are closed for members only.

    • Finances are "open book" to all partners.